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Golden Artistry Design Competition 2016
- Student-designed piece, crafted by Terry Whyte
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Steele Canyon Student Surprised by Jewelry Win
- by Karen Pearlman, UT 5/02/2014

Steele Canyon Students big winners at Jewelry Competition
- by Karen Pearlman, May 2, 2013

Surfer/Jeweler Has One of Oldest Shops in The Village - But Fresh with Creativity - by Doug Williams, December 25, 2010

May 2011 issue of JCK Magazine- By Lindsey Wojcik

Student Union

In 2009, to mark the 25th anniversary of Golden Artistry Jewelry Design -- and to position his La Mesa, California store for future success -- Terry Whyte decidedd to reach out to his youngest customers. So he unveiled a jewelry design competition for local high school students. Celebrating a quarter of a century of business "was significant," says Whyte, "but I wanted to do something for the community. more...

Terry Whyte has been winning awards at the County Fair since 1989.

Since 2010 he has received the Educational Merit Award for the Annual Golden Artistry High School Jewelry Design Competition display.

1st Place - Cast Jewelry, Professional Division, San Diego Co. Fair, 2013 "Tectonic"
© 2013 Terry Whyte

3rd Place - Exhibitor's Best Piece Award,
San Diego Co. Fair, 2013 "Seahorse"
© 2013 Terry Whyte