About Us

"I love expressing the world's natural beauty in wearable form."
- Terry Whyte

Golden Artistry Jewelry Design was founded in 1984 by Terry Whyte. Our commitment to quality and integrity is the cornerstone of this business. Our specialty is design and manufacture of quality, wearable, original jewelry. At Golden Artistry, we want to make the most comfortable, beautiful jewelry imaginable. We stand out from other stores by virtue of our unique, personalized jewelry and our commitment to "making-it-right-the-first-time" using the finest materials and workmanship.All jewelry is original design and made on the premises with new materials, incorporating expertly cut gemstones of all species.

At Golden Artistry, many designs are one-of-a-kind and are, by nature, subject to the first buyer. We also create limited edition designs that have different gemstone arrangements each time they are executed. Please call us with your requirements. We will make every effort to produce a piece pleasing to you. All original pieces are signed "tw".

In 2009 we sponsored a high school jewelry design competition in conjunction with Golden Artistry's 25th Anniversary celebration; the theme was "Change". It was so well received that we decided to make it an annual event. It's called the "Golden Artistry Jewelry Design Competition". All finalists are invited to intern at Golden Artistry. We want to open the doors to career possibilities and help mentor creative students.

Each year we look forward to the opportunity to work with new students.

We are members of AGTA (American Gem Trade Association). AGTA represents the gemstone trade to the rest of the jewelry industry, the news media, government agencies and international organizations. AGTA promotes, maintains, and perpetuates the highest ethical standards in the gem trade industry. We are now proud members, which means we have been proven to promote quality and integrity in our natural gemstone sales and distribution.